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We sat down with Jonathan Anondoe, founder and CEO of Telemetry Games, Inc. Jonathan started Telemetry games with co-founder Jane Doeanon in 2011. What started as a small garage-based operation quickly boomed into a mega games conglomerate. Telemetry Games now has over 35,000 active subscribers on its online games portal and continues to grow into a reputable online gaming brand.

Jonathan, thank you so much for sitting down with us today. Can you tell us a bit about Telemetry Games?

Thank you for having me! Telemetry Games is one of the leading online game portals for strategy and RPG enthusiasts. We offer a subscription-based gaming platform that gives users access to our library of over 50 strategy, RPG, and casual games. 

How fun! I feel like online platforms are the way to go as the world becomes more connected. What inspired you to start Telemetry Games?

That’s for sure! We started as a small garage operation back in 2011. Jane and I were passionate gamers and felt that most online platforms were inefficient, laggy, and not ideal. We wanted to create a fast and reliable online platform where players can enjoy games with their friends as if they are in the same room with them.

Amazing! So, what were the biggest challenges you guys faced when starting Telemetry Games?

Oh boy, like everything? We essentially were competing with the big names like Blizzard and Rockstar, so no one wanted to give us the time of day. We focussed simultaneously on capturing niche gamers with quality, addicting games while negotiating preferable pricing for servers and network connections. The biggest challenge initially was getting vendors to take us seriously. It was a slow and painful process, but once we hit 5,000 daily gamers, people started noticing.

Humble beginnings always make for the best company culture, I say! So how do you differentiate yourselves from the big-name players, i.e., your competitors?

Honestly, differentiation was easy. We simply chose not to do all of the nickel and dime tactics used by some of the more prominent “unnamed” game developers. We got rid of microtransactions and paid DLC and offer everything in our arsenal to our subscribers for a monthly fee. They play a flat rate and know they will get regular updates, DLC packages, and new developments included in their subscription.

Now that is a winning strategy! I personally hate microtransactions and purchasing a small fraction of the “whole” game only to hit a pay-to-play roadblock. So, what has been the overall feedback from customers regarding your business model?

Our business model is based entirely on the demands of our subscribers, so we gave them exactly what they wanted: everything we offer for a flat monthly fee. While initially we were criticized for having a higher fee than the consols but once users realized they did not have to pay a la carte for games and DLC, the monthly fee was very reasonable. Overall, subscribers love our model, and we don’t plan to deviate from it one bit!

I may need to sign up myself! Jonathan, thank you so much for your time today. Where can readers learn more about Telemetry Games?

Thank you for having me! You can learn more about our platform and library at