Business Analysis

Meowzer Technologies Corporation (MTC) is an American multinational aerospace conglomerate headquartered in Washington, DC. As one of the world’s largest aerospace research and development firms by market capitalization, MTC primarily researches, develops, and manufactures bleeding-edge technology in the realms of aerospace and defense.

MTC hired our firm to conduct an internal audit focusing on methods to improve strategy and operations for the company after a series of quarterly earnings shortfalls.

As an overview, our examination of MTC determined that while the strategic initiatives outlined by its internal consultants were sound, MTC lacked heavily in terms of operational efficiency.

For one, MTC had no operational efficiency plans set in place. This lack of efficiency resulted in severe time mismanagement over the last three quarters, resulting in needless overtime and missed deadlines.

Second, MTC had invested considerable time and resources in maximizing its market share through below-market bids on federal contracts. However, without a clear direction on how it would fulfill those contracts once awarded, MTC could not meet its contractual obligations on time.

The increased R&D demand on MTC paired with the failure of management to allocate operational time efficiently is the direct cause of the poor financial performance seen in the last three quarters. In short, MTC had “placed the cart before the horse,” to use the idiom, and failed to properly allocate the time needed for the influx of new contracts awarded.